Walter Silva Ensemble

In 1995 the Walter Silva Ensemble was invited by United Nations for the 50th Anniversary of its foundation to give several concerts at diferent halls in Madrid.

The Ensemble has participated also at many festivals all over Spain such as “Los Claustros de Santo Domingo” (Jerez de La Frontera, 1996), “Ciclo Nuevas Tendencias” (Madrid, 2000), Universidad Carlos III (Madrid, 2001), Espacio para la Cultura (Barcelona, 2003), “Festival de Otoño” (Madrid, 2003), “Festival Músicas de Metrosur” (Madrid, 2004), Teatro Carolina Coronado (Almendralejo, 2006), Fundación Mapfre Guanarteme (Las Palmas- Gran Canaria, 2012), among others.


The Walter Silva Ensemble was launched by Walter Silva in 1995, initially, with the idea to perform his own compositions, which involve concepts from classical music blended with jazz, Brazilian music, Argentine folklore rhythms and Tango.


Since then, the Ensemble has featured flutist Laura Sola and Carlos Alemán, double bass player Luis M. Francesch and Carlos Meneses, cellist Lorena Ruiz Casaux, Irene Rouco, José Luis López and Juan Pablo Alemán, saxophonist Elio Moreno, bandoneon player Fabián Carbone and Jorge Lema, and percussionist Luis A. Espinar, José San Martín, Sergey Saprichev and, Nantha Kumar, all of them excellent musicians who come from different musical genres such as classical and ethnic music, tango, or jazz.


The warm and unmistakable sound Walter Silva delivers with his classical guitar blended with the rich textures of the other instruments give Walter Silva Ensemble its unique and distinctive character as well as a sound full of nuances.




Carlos Alemán Fernández – Flute

Elio Moreno Sax/Harmonic

Juan Pablo Alemán – Cello

Carlos Meneses – Double Bass

Sergey Saprychev – Percussion

Walter Silva - Guitar



From Bach to Led Zeppelin

Some of the more remarkable aspects of Walter Silva’s guitar concerts, among many others, are the unconventional program as well as his original arrangements, but above all which gives his concerts its unique character is his tremendous dose of emotion and capacity to captivate the audience from the first note he plays.



Walter Silva

Solo Guitar

Walter Silva Trio

Line-up 1

Elio Moreno – Sax/Flute/Harmonic

Sergey Saprychev Percussion

Walter Silva - Guitar



Line-up 2

Elio Moreno – Sax/Flute/Harmonic

Carlos Meneses - Double Bass

Walter Silva - Guitar




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